Introducing, Dande.

Introducing, Dande.

Here’s an original character I’m working on for a children’s book. He is Dande, [DAN-dee], the tiny and cynical dandelion gnome. He plays a major role in my story idea as a guide for the protagonist.

This is one draft of many.


About Rochelle Cavanaugh

I'm a jack-o-all trades and master of none. I enjoy a myriad of subjects especially dealing with the world, Presbyterianism, anthropology, sociology and all things people/nature related. And I enjoy these subjects through different medias- art, music, poetry, folklore, dissertations, text books, and the list goes on. I'm a school custodian/maintenance coordinator, wife of a full-time graduate student, and mother of a 4 year old. If it's unrefined and honest, you have my undivided attention.
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2 Responses to Introducing, Dande.

  1. I will be following the progress on your book too-I hope you have a blast working on it as I am on mine. I prefer working on it than my actual day job – no surprise there but I always thought I got into my job because I loved it. Maybe the process of creation is all I really loved after all. Hope to hear more on your book!

    • I’ve been shy to share, but may over the course of the next few weeks. I hear ya, it’s hard to keep a day job when writing is so much fun. Thankfully, the kids like to hear stories, so I practice story-telling, and they love to help, which makes for some pretty inspirational moments. (pen and sketch pad are always close by. lol)

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