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I'm a jack-o-all trades and master of none. I enjoy a myriad of subjects especially dealing with the world, Presbyterianism, anthropology, sociology and all things people/nature related. And I enjoy these subjects through different medias- art, music, poetry, folklore, dissertations, text books, and the list goes on. I'm a school custodian/maintenance coordinator, wife of a full-time graduate student, and mother of a 4 year old. If it's unrefined and honest, you have my undivided attention.

A Fresh Start

Thank you Lisa for sharing the 52 Week Blog About an Ancestor a week challenge. Lisa wrote a great post about her restless Great-Great-Grandmother Lucinda here. I recommend reading it. She inspired this genealogical newbie. I began swimming in the ancestry pool … Continue reading

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What Do You See? [free write exercise]

What Do You See? Baubles blue and green Sunny shore Tie it tightly Knee, knocked knee Lift. Red and Orange Froth and Myrrh hide between Flick a flea, please And love beneath Silt. Purple maze Crazy daisy May I never … Continue reading

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Family Portrait – Totem Pole Style

A dear friend is getting hitched this week so I thought a family portrait would make a nice gift. After thinking for a while, it came to me– Ask each person in the family what their favorite critter is and … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with my fairytales…

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
I’m fed up, fed up I tell you! When did we become so pompously obsessed with our own versions of objective reality? For centuries humans have used myths and legends…

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Research for Writing Children’s Books: Stereotypes

After reading this article I began to think, for the first time, intentionally and critically about the subject of stereotypes in American Children’s Literature. In this post I’ll be using naughty words like racism, oppressive and I’m sure you will … Continue reading

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Peter Newell, The Hole Book This book from 1908 is a great read! Inspirational.

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Introducing, Dande.

Here’s an original character I’m working on for a children’s book. He is Dande, [DAN-dee], the tiny and cynical dandelion gnome. He plays a major role in my story idea as a guide for the protagonist. This is one draft … Continue reading

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