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What Do You See? [free write exercise]

What Do You See? Baubles blue and green Sunny shore Tie it tightly Knee, knocked knee Lift. Red and Orange Froth and Myrrh hide between Flick a flea, please And love beneath Silt. Purple maze Crazy daisy May I never … Continue reading

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Research for Writing Children’s Books: Stereotypes

After reading this article I began to think, for the first time, intentionally and critically about the subject of stereotypes in American Children’s Literature. In this post I’ll be using naughty words like racism, oppressive and I’m sure you will … Continue reading

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Click this to read the article, When Life Hurts Dr. Michael Horton confronts the stoicism of our day. You know, the “wear a smile until you can be alone and collapse under your pain” kind of belief many suffer from … Continue reading

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Christian Witness 101

“Maybe if the world didn’t see us as crusaders against wickedness and sin, but salt and light, they’d be more inclined to listen to the supposed good news we’re offering?” What is salt? Simply, a preserver and flavor to make … Continue reading

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Saturday-Slowdown: Slaying Monsters

It’s Saturday. I can almost think cognitively, now. But why do I feel so irritated? Like some tiny finger in my brain is tapping, tapping, tapping, tapping, etc. Let’s review some highlights from the week: The daycare lost a part-time … Continue reading

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Covenant Theology 101

“God’s promises to you in Christ stand on the firmest of all possible footings — on the promises that the triune persons exchanged with each other before they set the world in motion.” Redemption Accomplished This quote comes from the article … Continue reading

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My Child With a Disability Is Not My Hero

A thoughtful and balanced view! I enjoyed reading this very much.

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